How to Upgrade Ironport ESAs in a Cluster

Here is my quick review of how to upgrade Ironport ESAs in a Cluster.

To upgrade, first we have to disconnect machines from cluster, upgrade them one by one, and then join them all together again in cluster.

I will assume that you know the basic operation of Ironport ESA via CLI. I will write only the major steps. Continue reading “How to Upgrade Ironport ESAs in a Cluster”

How to Set Ironport vESA Update Server

I have a case when I tried to upgrade the Ironport virtual Email Security Appliances (vESA) and then the appliance failed to locate the update server. It happened after migrating from physical appliance to virtual appliance.

The main cause of the problem is the virtual appliance use different update server than the physical unit, so we have to set it manually via console. It is easy 😉 so let’s begin!

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