Auto Redial for your Dial-Up Connection and USB Modem, it’s Free!

It’s been a month since my last post here, finally I found something to share.

We do love internet, don’t we?

I bought my USB modem last month after a short vacation from South Korea. Due to the dial-up connection I’m dealing with, I found that internet connection in Indonesia is not good (no offense, I’m Indonesian and I’m proud to be one :)). Student like me usually use USB modem and dial-up conn through cellular phone service provider, this way handy and practically simple. But, it’s no secret that dial-up connection often disconnected, even when we needed it most šŸ˜¦

No wonder most of my download stopped prematurely, sometimes even at 96 percent completed! Arrgh, made me mad. So, I tried to find some auto-redial software, it can dial automatically that when the connection is down or lost.

I tried softpedia and pick this tiny simple great Auto Redial application called CiDial. It’s not absolutely free, CiDial is a Nag-ware (shows nag screen at startup for unregistered version), but overall you still can use it free for unlimited time. It keeps my connected, thank you for developers šŸ˜€

CiDial does the job for you

CiDial Settings

After installation, you can select your dial-up connection from File –> Settings.

Simple, yet powerful.

Click here to download :).

See you on another great days šŸ™‚


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