How to Backup and Restore Config in Fortigate Firewall

The title explains itself.

This is how to backup and restore configuration in migration or if you want to replace a new unit, or just wanna test a configuration. It’s simple.

Let’s begin 🙂

Login to Fortigate Interface. Go to:

System > Dashboard > Status > System Information > System Configuration > Backup

Choose Local PC or USB Disk as the backup location.

If you want to see your configuration in plain text, do not check Encrypt Configuration file, except you want to protect it with password.

Click backup, and save your file.

To restore your config to a device, go to:

System > Dashboard > Status > System Information > System Configuration > Restore

Choose the location of the backup file, from Local PC or USB Disk. Click Choose File to browse and select the configuration file. Insert the password if you encrypt it before.

Click restore. The device will load the configuration and reboot automatically.


See, it’s easy, right? 😉

Note: This tutorial is for OS version 5.2 and below. I haven’t tried to implement in version 5.4 or above. Please remember, this only applies to the same model with the same OS version. You cannot just restore a configuration from a different type of appliance or version. For example, you can’t directly use the configuration file from 200D to 100D, you need to edit and match some configurations as for interfaces etc. I will tell you how next time.

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